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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sharing Christmas Memories

For the month of December, I plan to share
some of my favorite Christmas memories with you...
ya know, kind of like how people share
each day of November the things they are thankful for.
I hope you will join in the fun and leave a comment
sharing some of YOUR favorite Christmas memories.
Sometimes this is exactly how the best
Christmas traditions begin :)

Today's favorite memory is my sweet (SA-WEET) grandmother.

She led me straight to Christ and
always taught me compassion and kindness toward others.
She also taught me how to be thrifty and creative!
This "ice cycle" was one she hung on her tree.
She found an old chandelier, took it apart,
and made ornaments out of the pieces!
How can we not follow Christ
when He leads us through ones such as these?!!!

Here's a little Christmas blast from the past!

You can find a video tutorial on my YouTube channel...

Enjoy making memories TODAY!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A "Colorful" Letter from ME to YOU...

Baked Brown Sugar, stampers! I'm sending this to give you a big Hello Honey heads up!!!

Stampin' Up is about to add a Lost Lagoon full of items to the Clearance Rack and most items will be offered at a whoppin' 80% OFF!!! That's worth eatin' some Pumpkin Pie for!!! The updated Clearance Rack will go live THIS FRIDAY!!!

Is it any Wisteria Wonder but that's not all...

When you place a $50 order WITH ME (via phone message OR email), THIS FRIDAY ONLY - I will give you a SURPRISE 2015 SAB GIFT during the new year's Sale-A-Bration! Your $50 order can be any merchandise from any current catalog (including the Clearance Rack.) For you to receive the FREE 2015 SAB SURPRISE, your order must reach me by THIS FRIDAY (11/5/2014) AT 9:00pm.

This deal is more than Tempting... Turquoise (I know I know, that one's a bit off.)

Please note that some items on the Clearance Rack may become retired before the end of the day. In which case, you may choose to place your $50 order with me via phone message or email and then place a separate Clearance Rack order ONLINE via my ONLINE STORE (click "online store" or see link below.) I'm So Saffron sorry but I can only give the FREE SAB SURPRISE GIFTS to the orders made directly with my via phone message or email.

Join me MONDAY, December 15th at 7:00pm for a fun FREE Christmas "Take & Make" and a little sneak peak at the 2015 Occasions and SAB Catalogs. Bring a friend (new to me and at least 18 years of age) and receive an EXTRA all exclusive "Take & Make" (as well as one for your friend!) Remember, it takes two to Tangerine Tango! HA!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, stamping with/for you, and seeing you very soon! As always, it is my Daffodil Delight to stampin' serve you!

Always stampin',

PS... Bring a list of the fun Stampin' Up! colors I used in this email to the Monday, December 15th gathering and you will receive another stampin' SURPRISE!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Home Ornament Card

Sooo... something "snapped" this weekend for me.
I am determined to get back to my basics!
I use to begin my days with


but lately and for a long time, I simply have my devotional time
and then sort of "bump" around my husband and kids
until they are off and out of the house.
Since my office is here at home and I am my own boss,
I can start my workday whenever I decide to do so.

Working from home can be a blessing
AND a curse!
If the house is a mess (and it usually is), I want to clean.
If the laundry is piled high (and it usually is), I want to wash.
If my favorite show recorded last night and
I didn't have time to watch it, ugh...
You see where I'm going with this, right?

My exercise time and creativity time both have
suffered severely because of my morning changes.
So this morning, I jumped on SCS
and picked up my absolute favorite challenge...
The card you see here was the result of my participation.
I have to say, I likey!
And my day began on a super high :)

Don't let the name fool ya!
SCS "challenges" should really be called SCS "encourages!"
They encourage my creative juices and help me to think quickly.
I try my best not to put too much time into them.
And I don't always post the items I've been inspired to create.
Have fun with it and simply add a bit of creative to your day.

So here is my challenge to YOU...

Share your top three "morning starters" in the comments
and encourage/inspire me (and my readers.)

Thanks for visiting!
Have a creative day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Take a cooking break...

Click HERE to see the EXTRAVAGANZA!

Click HERE to see the WEEKLY DEALS!



And email if you need any assistance...

Can you believe this
Simply Created Goodie Gear Set
is on the CLEARANCE RACK for just $1.99 each?!

WHOA! The Holiday Extravaganza
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"Fun Flower" Punch
for 50% OFF!!! That's just $8.47!!!

And how about some
"Gold Soiree" Designer Series Paper?!
Get this... just $7.77 per pack!!!
That's a crazy deal!!!

Be sure and check out all the links above and
then visit my ONLINE STORE to do
all of your holiday artsy fartsy shopping!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark Your Calendars...

It's challenging to believe the very last
is over and gone!

Monday, January 26th
(evening session available upon request)

We can always use your sweet and
helping hands to make cards of encouragement
for those in our community who need it most!

What a blessing to have Katherine,
a marvelously multitasking mom, and her sweet Thomas
helping us for November's morning session.

And for the evening session,
Belinda and her whole gang of creative buds
joined us for a successful evening session.
Thank you, Kelly, Kenzie, and Kassidy
for joining us and blessing us with your prayers!

I look forward to donating this month's cards
to the local women's prison where they will be given
to the incarcerated women to send home
to the friends and families.

If you would like more information about
feel free to email...

And thank you for visiting!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ministry Mondays

Did you mark your calendars?!

NOVEMBER 24 @ Coffee Crossing

We have discussed an evening opportunity so
if you are seriously interested in attending in the evening,
please email me to let me know...

A few of my friends and I met recently at Panera for
dinner, catch up, and to stamp up a few cards.
In just an hour and a half's time,
we were able to crank out nearly FORTY CARDS!!!
Whoo hoo!!!

All greeting cards from November's Ministry Monday
will be donated to local women's prisons
for incarcerated women to send home
to their families for Christmas.

Can you just imagine being a child whose momma is
in jail and unable to put her arms around you?!

"...when I was in prison, you visited me...
when you did it for the least of these, you did it for Me."
Matthew 25

Ministry Mondays are more than just a
card making experience.
You will be blessed to hear the Word of God,
learn from a devotional,
experience prayer in a whole new way,
and obviously, encourage those SO in need of being lifted.

Email for more details or
just come to the morning session.
"Visiting" can mean so much more than actually
stepping foot on the literal grounds.
Help us visit the least of these via way of
hand stamped Christmas greetings.

Thanks for visiting!
Be blessed!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Love Every Season...

Yeah so... this happened yesterday...
my baby boy received his class ring at his school's
Unity Mass and Ring Ceremony.
Actually, momma did very well...
I only felt the urge to cry one time... just one time.
(feeling pretty good about that, ha!)

What I love about being a mum is how I've loved
every... single... season of my children's lives.

"To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven..."
Ecclesiastes 3:1

There's just something about a class ring
that makes things seem a bit more "official!"

And THIS also happened yesterday!

I've had the BEST "Helping Hands" lately at CBS
and didn't want another day to go by
without being sure to tell each of them

As many of you know,
I am the Young CBS Teacher for the
Each week, we ask our CBS adult participants
to volunteer to be our teachers'
"Helping Hands"
and assist with class needs, whatever they may be.
Many times people are reluctant because
they either think they're not "called" to work with children
or they just don't want to give up their own adult class time.
But I see it each and every year...
once they've volunteered and been in the classroom with us,
they feel SO VERY BLESSED.
And in actuality, it is US teachers who are the ones blessed.

So if you are familiar with CBS
(regardless of where in the USA or world)
and you have had the pleasure and honor of being a
"Helping Hands,"
from the deepest part of my heart...

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

JOY... regardless

Went to the Toby Mac concert at a local church just the other night.
OM, how this man and his friends inspire me to
worship in a more profound way than I already do!

Because it was at a local church,
I bumped into SO MANY of my wonderful students...
some I haven't seen in ages!
I just had to take a "selfie" of sweetest Emily
(especially since she said she doesn't "do" selfies, HA!)!
Isn't she gorgeous?!
She was one of my very first CBS students when I began
leading the Junior Classes... whoa that was a really long time ago!
Emily's aunt told me there was a line of students
waiting to say "hi" to Mrs. Gettelfinger...


How cool are these fonts and doodads on my pics?!
I have some Rhonna Designs apps for my iPhone
and am totally addicted to them!!!
Here's what's super cool about them...
they can be used WITH
My Digital Studio!!!
How awesome is that?!
Are you a digi memory keeper?
I'm a "wannabe" so...

Anywho, with all the lovin' I was able to stock up on
from the concert the other night via
way of seeing so many of my former students
AND a great date with my hubby
(we very rarely have dates... and sometimes they're not so great...
tough times make us stronger, right?!)
...even with all that...

immediately the next day I felt attacked by the enemy.

I created the word picture above because
I am determined to NOT let the enemy deceive me!
I suffer from loneliness...
listen, that's not to be mistaken with depression.
I've tasted depression and there is a distinct difference.
(Those of you who have experienced both know what I'm saying.)
My family (parents, brothers, sisters, etc)
doesn't practice their Christian belief and
my practices (or lack of participating in their's)
actually infuriate them which causes great distance.
I have amazing acquaintances whom I am blessed and
privileged to call "friends" but
I do not have many (well, actually none)
whom I spend time with regularly,
text on a regular basis,
or even hear from if I don't contact them first.
My hubby and I have been battling the enemy
in our marriage for years which causes great loneliness.

It's just the way it is.
I don't like it but it is what it is.

"Then Jesus said to His disciples,
'Whoever wants to be my disciple must
take up their cross and follow Me."
Matthew 16:24

I truly believe when we suffer some things...
especially emotions, feelings, thoughts
which we simply can not explain away or apply a bandaid to,
these are "types" of crosses of which Jesus spoke.

Although I experience great loneliness,
NOTHING has, can, or ever will steal my JOY!
THAT is how I know the difference between
loneliness and depression.
Depression allows its sufferers to hang onto
Joy by only one thin tiny strand...
yet the Lord keeps that strand from unraveling.

"The Lord is my strength and shield.
My heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.
My heart leaps for JOY,
and with my song I praise Him."
Psalm 28:7

It IS possible to feel down and still be UP, dear one.
For those of you that may be having
a bit of a sad or lonely day,

"For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is His love for those who fear Him."
Psalm 103:11

Call on the One Who has overcome our sorrows.

Blessings always,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Still time to register...

That's right! You still have time to register
for the
this Wednesday, November 12
@ Coffee Crossing in New Albany!


If you have placed an online order with me
anytime throughout the 2014 year,
you will receive a FREE KIT by mail!


How about that super cute tag/bookmark up top?!
Let's face it... Santa doesn't really pack on
the pounds until Thanksgiving anyway! HA!

Did you happen to see the
Eight Pocket Mini Album
posted a few days ago?
Check it out HERE.

This FOUR pocket gift card holder is made
the very same way as the album!
I'd love to share the measurements with you...
the tutorial is a special gift as
Just place an order of any size at my


join us THIS WEDNESDAY at the party!

Remember, gift giving is always affordable
Check out this super cute
(not to mention quick and easy)
little Christmas tree tag, just right for
any size bottle... lotion, wine, BBQ sauce!

Here's to your gift giving this Christmas...
MAKE IT simple.
MAKE IT sweet.
MAKE IT from the heart.
MAKE IT for keeps.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Customer Appreciation Parties

You're ALL invited!

You may have noticed
very few posts from me lately.
And if you have ordered access
to my private videos,
I apologize for not getting those to you sooner.
I've been dealing with several bad migraines
which have kept me from being
near my computer where I can update the blog.
This Sunday will be two full weeks of being
Whoo hoo!
I feel like I am nearly
back into the swing of things again!

I would SO love it if my online
friends and followers could join us for our

There is a way you can join in the fun
even if you are not close enough to attend...


Just email me of the date and time you
ordered so I can verify.
I will pop your kit into the mail ASSAP
(As Stampingly Soon As Possible!)

And if you ARE nearby and can join us for the
please please please
choose between the following dates to attend...

this Sunday, November 9th
2:00 @ Coffee Crossing in New Albany
Wednesday, November 12th
6:30pm @ Coffee Crossing in New Albany

All Stamp Club and Big Shot Club members attend

Registration is $10 or FREE with a $25 catalog order.
(...remember all club members are FREE!)


I love spoiling my friends at the

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Migraines Suck Lemons!

Yup! They do!

I remember when teaching the
Junior Class of CBS
about the story of Job,
I said to them...
taken from him... EVERYTHING!
It really sucked!"
And about fifty sets of
home-schooled teenage eyes
all bugged out at me like
I had told them all to go straight to...
well, you know.
I laughed
(because I am sure their sa-weet momma's
told them to never say the word "suck.")
So I quickly came back with
"What?! It sucked LEMONS!
Have you ever tried to suck a lemon?!
It's really not as easy as you think...
even for those who love lemons.
Sucking a lemon... well, kind of sucks."
Of course, at this THEY all laughed.

It's true, ya know?
Some things in life just simply suck.
They "suck the life right out of us."
Or they "suck us into"
things we'd rather not be a part of.
Some things just SUCK LEMONS!

I suffer from migraines.
Many of my "creative" friends do.
I'm here to tell you, dear one...
there is One Who can cause you to be
JOYFUL in your suffering.
No, it doesn't make the pain go away.
And no, it doesn't even help ease the pain.
But it does give great COMFORT
in knowing the One true SUPPORT for
those of us that suffer.
Knowing that one day all of my pain will be
relieved and I will shed not one more single tear,
gives me great comfort and encourages
me to look forward to my future...
my "migraine free" future!
Do you KNOW HIM?
Do you know the support I have in
Jesus Christ?

Whether you suffer from migraines
or any other great pain,
check out this number...
and know that *I* know
what you are going through
really "sucks lemons."

*big HUGS*

Monday, October 27, 2014

October Blog Candy WINNER


Whoohoo! You won

Thanks so much for visiting
"Always Stampin'!"
Keep it up girl... they say
"third time is a charm!"

Did you happen to see
Check it out and see all the goodies
Nicole will be receiving soon.

And then be sure to follow
"Always Stampin'"
to see what will be given away as
November's BLOG CANDY!
I can't wait to share it with you!!!

Are you wondering how I made
this adorable little flower pot?
Simply grab the
I am sure you can figure it out.
If you need any help at all,
just let me know!
We can make one (or two or three)
of these at a CARD CAFE near you!

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, October 24, 2014


is one of my favorite polymer stamp sets
from Stampin' Up!.
(click on "bombs away" to purchase)

It has fun little snarky birthday phrases
and this "bomb card" is so cute!
Sending a clean & funnybirthday card
doesn't get much more fun than this!

The "bomb card" is simply
two circles cut with the
(Big Shot Machine)
attached together at a scored portion
of the BACK circle.
Super duper easy!

to create the "wick" of the card.
(click on the highlighted words to order)

Although this particular
Washi Tape is no longer available,
the Basic Gray striped tape in the
would work perfectly!
(click on Epic Day Washi Tape to order)

Wouldn't these just crack you up
if you pulled them from your
snail mail box?!

Makes someone's day with a bit
of clean sarcasm :)
Order your supplies at my
email to order a set of these cards
directly from me...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A little more personal...

Wow... there was an overwhelming
response to my post about my friend's
book launch for her book titled

Most of the response was to my sharing
more than the actual book itself.
Thank you ALL who commented with
such sweet words of encouragement
as well as humility about
posting/not posting comments.
You encouraged my heart.

I tried to respond to each comment
by also adding a comment
so you may want to revisit that
particular post and view those comments.

Today I am leaving to participate in an
Emmaus Walk.
Prayers are certainly welcomed.
I am easily prone to migraines
and that is the biggest request...
Please pray
that I don't experience a migraine
every... single... day.
The elements will be so right for me
to experience at least one but
quite honestly, every day.

When my sleeping pattern is off
(aka sleeping in a different bed),
I tend to get a migraine.

Certain perfumes will trigger
a migraine for me in an instant.

And then there's the weather...
the retreat is in a "camp" setting so
being within the Fall trees and
such will cause my body
to be more apt to get a migraine.

I have medication
but it can make me REALLY sleeping.

So there ya have it...
a bit more personal info
along with a heartfelt request.

Now tell me...
what prayer request
do YOU have fore me?
I would love nothing more
than to pray for those who have
stopped my little place on the web!
Be sure to leave your email address
with your comment
so I can contact you personally
with a prayer.
Or feel free to remain anonymous
and know (without a doubt)
will be still be lifted to the
One Who knows all the details.

I hope you will check out my post
about the book
"It's His Show."

I plan to share more about the photo
in today's post at a later time.
For now, hop over to
and discover a bit more for yourself.

Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adorable Mobile Card

Really... how stinkin' cute is THIS?!
I mean... really.

This card makes me smile every time I open it!

If you do not already own a


Or better yet...


This adorable card was created using
the BIG SHOT MACHINE and the
from Stampin' Up!.

I can show you just how fun and easy
this card is to make at
your very own
for just $10!

Think about it...
if you do not already own these tools,
what a great way to

Investing in these items are wise
only if you plan to USE THEM often.
Otherwise, come to a
Creative Class and simply enjoy yourself.

Email for more details today...

And how about that teensy weensy mobile?!
Super cute, right?!
You won't believe
how super easy it is to make!

Check back with "Always Stampin'" often.
There will soon be a video in place
showing how to create this easy fold.

Couldn't you just eat those booties up?!

Have a great day and
thanks for visiting!