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Friday, October 24, 2014


is one of my favorite polymer stamp sets
from Stampin' Up!.
(click on "bombs away" to purchase)

It has fun little snarky birthday phrases
and this "bomb card" is so cute!
Sending a clean & funnybirthday card
doesn't get much more fun than this!

The "bomb card" is simply
two circles cut with the
(Big Shot Machine)
attached together at a scored portion
of the BACK circle.
Super duper easy!

to create the "wick" of the card.
(click on the highlighted words to order)

Although this particular
Washi Tape is no longer available,
the Basic Gray striped tape in the
would work perfectly!
(click on Epic Day Washi Tape to order)

Wouldn't these just crack you up
if you pulled them from your
snail mail box?!

Makes someone's day with a bit
of clean sarcasm :)
Order your supplies at my
email to order a set of these cards
directly from me...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A little more personal...

Wow... there was an overwhelming
response to my post about my friend's
book launch for her book titled

Most of the response was to my sharing
more than the actual book itself.
Thank you ALL who commented with
such sweet words of encouragement
as well as humility about
posting/not posting comments.
You encouraged my heart.

I tried to respond to each comment
by also adding a comment
so you may want to revisit that
particular post and view those comments.

Today I am leaving to participate in an
Emmaus Walk.
Prayers are certainly welcomed.
I am easily prone to migraines
and that is the biggest request...
Please pray
that I don't experience a migraine
every... single... day.
The elements will be so right for me
to experience at least one but
quite honestly, every day.

When my sleeping pattern is off
(aka sleeping in a different bed),
I tend to get a migraine.

Certain perfumes will trigger
a migraine for me in an instant.

And then there's the weather...
the retreat is in a "camp" setting so
being within the Fall trees and
such will cause my body
to be more apt to get a migraine.

I have medication
but it can make me REALLY sleeping.

So there ya have it...
a bit more personal info
along with a heartfelt request.

Now tell me...
what prayer request
do YOU have fore me?
I would love nothing more
than to pray for those who have
stopped my little place on the web!
Be sure to leave your email address
with your comment
so I can contact you personally
with a prayer.
Or feel free to remain anonymous
and know (without a doubt)
will be still be lifted to the
One Who knows all the details.

I hope you will check out my post
about the book
"It's His Show."

I plan to share more about the photo
in today's post at a later time.
For now, hop over to
and discover a bit more for yourself.

Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adorable Mobile Card

Really... how stinkin' cute is THIS?!
I mean... really.

This card makes me smile every time I open it!

If you do not already own a


Or better yet...


This adorable card was created using
the BIG SHOT MACHINE and the
from Stampin' Up!.

I can show you just how fun and easy
this card is to make at
your very own
for just $10!

Think about it...
if you do not already own these tools,
what a great way to

Investing in these items are wise
only if you plan to USE THEM often.
Otherwise, come to a
Creative Class and simply enjoy yourself.

Email for more details today...

And how about that teensy weensy mobile?!
Super cute, right?!
You won't believe
how super easy it is to make!

Check back with "Always Stampin'" often.
There will soon be a video in place
showing how to create this easy fold.

Couldn't you just eat those booties up?!

Have a great day and
thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Designer Series Paper Topiary

How absolutely adorable is THIS?!
Created while at convention this past summer,
it really is super easy to make...
a bit time consuming - but still super easy.

Can you see it?!
Created with fun fall papers...
donning your Thanksgiving Day table!

Or just think of how fun it would be
to give these as CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

The base of the topiary can quickly
be put together using the
The rosettes are created using the
The curled ribbon is simply
1/4" x 12" strips pulled with a

All of these tools can be purchased at
(or by clicking on each tool listed.)

Email me to schedule a
and make your very own topiary!
The class fee is only $10 and
includes everything you need to be creative!

I will even make these beauties for you!
Email for pricing.

Email me today...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wonderful Washi Tape White Cards

I should have waited until
WEDNESDAY to make this post...

Washi Tap
White Cards

A bit much? HA

If you visit my blog very often
you will know how very much I
appreciate "WHITE CARDS."

They are super fast, super fun, super easy,
and super affordable!
Honestly, the most valuable "super" part
(for me) is the SUPER FAST.

"White Cards" make me just want to
HUG every person who has ever said to me,
"I could never do what you do."
"I wish I had time to do that."

will prove that YOU CAN & YOU DO.

And thanks to Stampin' Up!'s
adorable WASHI TAPE,
"White Cards" can be colorful AND fun!

Remember my important tips
for making successful
"White Cards?"

Jump back in time to visit
for a refresher on my "White Card" tips.

One of the things that can help
make "White Cards" really pop is
decorating the INSIDE of the card.
(see below)

Another great "White Card" tip
is to be sure and dress up the envelopes.
WASHI TAPE is fabulous for
adding fun and color to envelopes!

How about it?
Want to make some

Email me today to visit a
near you and you will see how
make you say, "I CAN and I DO!"

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You could win...

It's BLOG CANDY time!!!

Click HERE for all of the details.

Thanks for visiting today.
I hope you have a creative day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Make It Monday Class

Join us for a
November 3rd
at Coffee Crossing in NA

Registration is required...


The class fee of $15 covers all supplies
needed to create the
Christmas Tree
as well as two more fun "octagon gifts" (tba).

Use the "Exploding Octagon Album" as
a mini album for a sweet themed memory book
OR give it to someone as a really cool greeting card!

I used this FALL "Exploding Octagon Album"
as a thank you card for my daughter's
theater director when her Fall Show was finished.

The back side of the album was left blank
so all of the students could sign their names.
How fun is that?!

Thanks for visiting!
I hope to see you and stamp with you at this

Can't make it to the class?
No worries!
Order a class kit and have everything
sent right to your front door!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Blog Candy UP FOR GRABS

Fall Colors are just so much fun!
Even the potted flowers in this month's
have a "fall-ish" feel to them!

Want to know how you could win

Ready? Here we go...

Then be sure to add a link in your comment
so that I can check out where you shared.

It can be your own blog,
your Facebook page, OR your Instagram.

Bloggers share this link...

Facebookers share this link...

Instagramers grab a pic and tag @always_stampin

Comment on THIS POST and leave your
first AND last name.
(A contact email would be helpful but
as long as you watch my blog &
get back in touch with me when you see
your name announced, no email is necessary!)

Follow "Always Stampin'" on any social media.
(If you don't follow, start now!)
(If you already follow, mention in your comment.)

This is NOT required to win.
If you want MORE CHANCES to win
(THREE more chances to be exact),
let me know in your comment that you are
willing to pay postage ($5) for this
via PayPal.
(US entries only)

That's all, folks!
This is some super cute candy right here!
I just know you want to win!


Thanks for visiting!
Fall blessings,

Do you have the Petite Purse Die &
the Big Shot Machine yet?
You can make your very own
(I'm always happy to show you how!)

The Candy Wrapper Die may be retired
but you can always visit a
near you to use my retired die
to create your very own
(I can show you how to make this one also!)

Did you know I have a video
on my YouTube channel
for this a... dor... a... ble

How fun is this "FLIP MINI ALBUM"?!
Just pull on the tab and flip flip flip
to each and every fun memory in the book!

Friday, October 10, 2014

The PERFECT Paper Artist

Some very (VERY) sweet comments were
left on my post about the new book titled
Thank you (EACH of you) that commented!
I replied to each comment so if you happen to see
today's post, please jump back to
to read my individual "thank you's."

It's great when a comment pops up from time to time.
But I certainly don't expect them.
And I know I can't be blue when they don't.
*I* don't even leave comments on other peoples' blogs
so I can't expect them to on mine.

That's one thing I love about
Facebook and Instagram...
we can "like" and "heart" the ideas
we see and appreciate without having to
slow down to do any typing at all.
(psst... did you know I am on
Facebook and Instagram?! Ya, check it out...)

IG @always_stampin

In the spirit of the "It's His Show" post,
I thought I might share a little something personal.

Sigh... there... I said it. HA!
Seriously, that's one thing about social media
that can be completely misunderstood.
We only post the "good stuff," right?!
That's why I thought I would
share the first photo in this post with you.
I get REALLY frustrated at times.
Can you tell by the photo?

As you surf and search or blog hop here or there,
keep in mind that behind the blog is a
whose life might be a bit messed up.
Maybe they post great pics
of their perfect paper crafting
(or perfect lives)
because they really ARE "faking it."
OR maybe (just maybe)
they post the seemingly perfect pics
because they have decided to
regardless of how many crappy pics
they had to take to get there!
THAT is ME :)

I don't always share the personal
or the "not-so-pretty" pics
because quite frankly I have to live with my mess
so when I have a "not-so-messy" pic/moment,
I CHOOSE to share, in the hope
that it just might pick someone else up
the same way it did me.
Make sense?

I just know you want to see the
"perfect pumpkin" which finally came from
the "not-so-pretty" one in the first photo...

This was a fun little pumpkin to make
(after a few that ended up in the TA-RASH.)
I watched a video I found on
(oh ya... I'm on there also!)
My apologies for not remembering
the video maker's name.

Use the GIFT BOW DIE and
the BIG SHOT MACHINE to make
this absolutely adorable pumpkin.
The video instructs EIGHT bow pieces.
(sigh... I feel better now that
I typed that all in CAPS, he he he.
Did I mention I can get frustrated at times? HA!)

I used SIX OR SEVEN bow pieces for my pumpkin.
Use these sweet little lovelies
as centerpieces or other home decor
or fill them with a cello bag full of colorful candies.
They're just adorable!!!

Who's ready for more
Check back tomorrow for some really fun stuff!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Fall Ya'll!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's His Show

This post will remain at the top of my
blog for just a bit longer than usual.
Feel free to scroll down
for today's daily post.

This post is a bit lengthy,
but well worth it
...you'll see!

I don't usually post about happenings
of my personal life here on my blog
simply for the reason that
I originally set up this blog to share creativity
through art of rubber stamping and paper arts.

From time to time
I may share a recipe or two.
That is always fun.
But to be quite honest,
I don't have many followers
(compared to most paper artists I know)
and I only have comments show up
when there is a freebie to be won.

So sometimes, I wonder if
my blog is getting any real message
out and about to begin with.

THAT (and this) is why I rarely share
anything from my personal life.

I'm the kind of person who
gets my feelings easily hurt when
I've put my heart out on a limb
for others to land and rest there awhile
just to have them poop in the
nest of my heart and leave.
I know... dramatic words, right?
They're intended to be a bit
on the funny side as well as the honest side.

Most of the time,
people simply misunderstand me.
And then many times,
it's me doing the misunderstanding.
So to avoid getting hurt...
or to avoid being misunderstood and
possibly hurting someone else,
I simply keep my sweet little heart
in the tree instead of putting it out on a limb.

I'm breaking my personal silence today
to share with you something
I strongly feel God has ordained in a mighty way.
(See, it really doesn't have to do with "me"
personally so I feel a bit safer by sharing. wink)

I had the privilege to pre-read
written by
Colleen McKain (with Chris McKain).

The book is about to make its debut
and I highly recommend it to
each and every one of you who
happen to stop by
my little creative spot here on the web.

Everything I do,
I try my very best to do it
to the glory of God the Father.
I fail miserably
And yet,
He is glorified because I have tried.
He still loves me... even though I fail.
He ALWAYS takes me back.
Not that I go off on little
sinning sprees just to go back to
the Lord when I feel good and ready to,
but that I try and try and try
and realize at some point, somehow...
I've drifted from the very thing
I was trying so hard at in the first place.
THAT is when I realize
just how far I've drifted from
my heavenly Father
and I actually need Him most.

(Good grief! I've went and shared
some personal stuff when all I wanted to do
was promote the book already! sigh)

is all about a couple who had drifted
while literally staying as close
to God as anyone could ever get.
How's that even possible?!
To actually stay so desperately close to God
and yet drift so far away that
He is nowhere in sight.
Or is He???

Now I have tears as I type...
and this is why I only share my creative side
here at "Always Stampin'."
I just couldn't function if I had to
type and cry all of the time.

If you want to know how far
God's grace can reach.
Or even if you just want a "good read,"
look for and pick up
"It's His Show."
Click HERE to order.

I predict
(or prophecy, whichever you prefer)
there will one day be a movie
based on the story of
Chris and Colleen McKain.
THAT is how good this book is!
Don't wait for the movie!

And don't let yourself
drift so far away that you don't
realize the Lord is standing right next to you
...and He always has been.

Thanks for reading... I know it's out of my norm.
And thanks for visiting...
you have no idea how much I appreciate YOU!
Should you feel a desire to share your heart
by leaving me a sweet comment,
I promise I won't poop in your nest, he he.

Blessings ALWAYS,

PS... The McKains know nothing about
this post or my review.
This is not a "paid advertisement."
(Although Colleen is a friend of mine,
she is not a paper artist and has no desire
to enjoy the art of paper encouragement,
therefore would never read my blog.
I tell you this so that YOU know this post is
sincerely from my heart.
It is not to receive payment of any kind.
And it is not to please or impress anyone...
I simply hope to encourage your heart
with the contents of this book.)

Carmel Apples in the Fall...

I love Carmel Apples ANY time of the year!
But there is something very "Fall-ish"
about having a one of these yummy treats
in the later part of our calendar year
that makes me feel ready for the
brisk air and a walk through the leaves.

I saw this A-DOR-A-BLE gift item on
Cindy Schuster's blog and knew right away
I had to give it a go. Let me tell ya...

No, I'm really serious... one of the
easiest items I've made in a very long time!
Thanks, Cindy!

Want to see how very easy it is
to create one of these sweet little treats?
You still have time to register for
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany.

Can't make it to the Card Cafe,
order a kit by mail!
You will make the gift item seen in this post
as well as THESE FUN ITEMS for
one low price (which includes postage)
Email to order... kellyjeanstamps@gmail.com

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Card Cafe meets Stamp Club

I have exciting news for my
monthly Stamp Club and
Big Shot Club members!

October's gatherings
will take place at
Coffee Crossing in New Albany!

Stamp Club will meet,
as always from 2:00-3:00
(the Big Shot Club to follow).

This month's gift item is
the greeting card seen here
(with a bit of tweaking)
and is, as always,
FREE with a catalog order.

There is NO FEE for this event
(with a minimum$15order)!!!

RSVP is required.
(Club members need not RSVP.)

Can't make it this Sunday?
Choose a date for your own
Create the greeting card seen here
as well as two other gift items
for just $15.
Enjoy a little "me time" OR
invite some friends and
make your "me time"
even more fun!

are available all over the
KYana area!
Being creative is now
more convenient than ever!

Contact me to chat about a

Blessings always,

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who Loves COFFEE?!!!

not me... he he he
COCOA, on the other hand...
I am quite addicted to!

How stinkin' cute are these
teeny tiny "cocoa cups"?!

SO stinkin' cute, right?!

They are 4oz in size and can be
ordered from the webstaurantstore.com

They are the perfect gift holder
for items such as
candy, jewelry, cash, nail polish...
even a baby onesie!

I've been told the 8oz cups
make great "gift card holders."

And check out this super duper,
crazy fun, easy to make
"Mini Cocoa Cup TOTE!"

Adorbs, right?!
Wanna know how I made it?

First, how about I give you
a great little tip on how to
cover those teeny tiny little
"COCO cups..."

Using a hobby blade,
trim the TOP RIM from the cup.

Then trim away the bottom rim.

Next, simply trim right at the cup seam.

Open the cup and voila! your pattern!!!

Keep it the way it is to cover
the entire cup OR
trim about 1/4" or 1/2" from
the edge to have a "cup sleeve."

(NOTE: I free-handed my 1/2" trim.)

To create the TOTE...

Begin by trimming TWO
circles of scrap card stock
with the Circle Framelits and
the Big Shot Machine.
Use the FIFTH Framelit
Set the circles aside.

Score a piece of card stock or DSP
measuring 6" x 12" at 4-1/2".
Turn the the paper around and repeat.

Next, center the trimmed circles
onto the scored paper.
Layer the Circle Framelit onto
the pre-trimmed, centered circle dies.
Run through the Big Shot Machine. 

I then punched the 6" edges with
the Scallop Edge Punch
and folded at 3/4" on each edge.

Fold and adhere scallop edges.

Score each scallop edge at 2".

Create "handles" by punching with
the Largest Oval Punch.

Decorate and embellish as desired.

Here's a little helpful hint
to getting the most out of your
precious stampin' time...

Using the new "Fall Fest" set
layer all of the leaves at once
onto the H block and ink away.

I like to to first use a light
color like Crushed Curry and then
(without even cleaning the stamps)
move to a darker yet similar
color like Tangelo Tangerine.
Then I will sometimes move
to an even darker color
(without cleaning)
like Blackberry Bliss.

Be sure and stamp TWICE.
(You will find out way later.)

Do you see what I've done there?
By inking and stamping
lighter to darker,
I've eliminated TWO STEPS
of cleaning after inking.
Hey, I'm a busy gal...
every second counts! 

I really enjoy using the Woodgrain stamp
to "KISS" my darker inked leaves.
Instead of an actual
"woodgrain" effect on the images,
they actually looked distressed.
I love that!

Alrighty then...
THIS is why I instructed you
to stamp TWICE!

By using the H block,
all four of the leaf images
line up perfectly.
By stamping TWICE,
the leaf Framelits can be
alternated so that none are touching.

Yesterday was
(or something like that).
Do you LOVE coffee like I
LOVE cocoa?

Visit my Facebook page,
and you will find a link
to hundreds of super fun
"coffee ideas"
for your paper art creativity.

Thanks for stopping by!
Blessings always,