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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stampin' Kids Class

SATURDAY, February 7

This class is for KIDS OF ALL AGES!

Create this double sided framed art
as well as two more other fun treats
(check back soon for photos).
A class fee of $15
includes all supplies needed to attend.

Register now and save your spot!
Invite your friends...
this class cancels if less than five participants register.


On a more personal note...
Have you ever felt so wrought with agony for someone?
Me too.
"Compassion is more than just FEELING for a person.
It's TAKING ACTION on that feeling."
-Kyle Idleman

Lately, I've been thinking of my missionary friends and especially my niece. I wish I had had more of my own gumption to jump onto a mission trip when I was young. Oh, trust me... I know it's not too late. Unfortunately (well, I guess it's all in how we look at it), God is NOT calling me to the mission field right now. There are lots and lots of other forms of fields God IS calling me to at the moment... a broken marriage, a hubby with a back injury and stomach issues, serving Hospice at the upcoming National Catholic Youth Conference... I know these are fields He is asking me to make sure His grace doesn't get missed (Hebrews 12:15). However... I DO feel the Lord calling me to SOMETHING when it comes to my missionary friends and family. I'm just not sure what it is right now. Then again, I have an "ink"ling... but I am letting myself be filled with fear of failure as well as a fear of wasted time/effort.

If you have a minute and care to check out "Paper With a Purpose" on Facebook, please do. And then pray for my spirit to renew my mind and be obedient. Not to worry, I am praying for the same. A few friends of mine and I presented PWP and had hoped it would take off for each of us in our own communities and circle of friends. We each gave our little mission a different name (thus I chose Paper With a Purpose) and helped one another get started with lots and lots of cards to offer.


Everyone's efforts have seemed to have taken off... and here I sit. At first, it seemed I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do... MAJOR SIGNS and everything... then... nothing... for a long... long time. And now my discouraged heart is questioning whether PWP is what God is asking me to do in efforts to serve my missionary friends and family. 

Yikes! I feel so vulnerable sharing all of this with you... some of you (MOST of you) I don't even know. But if my sharing encourages you to SHARE WITH SOMEONE YOU DO KNOW, then I am happy to be as honest with you as possible. Please don't hide within yourself. Understand that you're sharing may or may not win you a friend for life... but what it will definitely do for you is win you a bit of freedom in your life. And then, the more you confide in someone, the more freedom you will experience.

Truth, my friend. Truth... let it set you free (John 8:32). Always remember you can take what you have inside to the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 11:28-30). But He knows there will be times when we just need to "spill the beans" already and speak with a touchable person in the flesh. Scripture has many accounts as to how we need each other (Genesis 2:18, Proverbs 17:17Luke 10:1 just to name a few.)

Pray for me and I will certainly pray for you.
Blessings always,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

On a more personal note...

Have you noticed I have been including
"on a more personal note"
stories in my creative blog posts?
I try to add them to the BOTTOM of the post
simply because some people
(actually MOST people)
who visit my blog are simply jumping on
to check out the creative tips, techniques, & ideas.
I get that... so the personal notes
can conveniently be located at the bottom
of the post to which it's super easy to SKIP.

However, I encourage you to take just
a few minutes of your time and read through
my "personal notes" from time to time.
You may find more inspiration
in the bottom of the post than you do at the top.
Let's face it, there are times when it
feels like we are certainly STUCK at the bottom
of what life has handed us and when we
are able to be lifted to the top,
well then... it's nice to be able to share
that with others in hopes of lifting them, ya think?

My Friday of this week was super cool.
I don't get days like this very often.
Not that I have super crappy days all the time, ha!
Just not very many "treats" "out of the blue" come my way.
I usually have to search for the treats...
which is fine with me since God is so good
to put those treats in a quiet moment,
a beautiful sunrise, a soft & sweet puppy,
as well as a hug or two here and there.

Yesterday, I decided to SLEEP IN.
I don't do that very often...
to be quite honest with you,
I felt guilty with my decision the minute I went to bed
AND the minute I woke up. Crazy, I know.

My hubby had left for work and just after
my rising I heard his car pull back into our garage.
He walked through the door with...
Well, I just HAD to make a sweet card for him :)
And then while I showered at
(I know I know... I'm feeling guilty about that one also!)
AND after jumping back into my PJ's
(NOT feeling guilty about THAT, he he he),
a FREE edition of the latest
Gooseberry Patch cookbook
was delivered to my front door!!!
Yup, my "Sugar Doodle Drops" recipe made it to pg 187!
How about that?!
Not bad for a lazy Friday, huh?!
Oh I did get some work done... not to worry.
Ugh... taxes are right around the corner!

When the little surprises don't come your way,
here's wishing you a good hard look
at the precious gifts our great big
Heavenly Father has placed in your life.

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for
and assurance about what we do not see."
Hebrews 11:1
Blessings, dear one!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Project Life Planner... and Open House

Have you seen the fancy smancy planners
people are going crazy about?
I think they are called... "Life Planners."
Not completely sure about the name BUT...
I am sure about one thing - they are VERY EXPENSIVE!
I really like them and I love the concept behind them
but I just can afford a $50 planner AND all the accessories.


of course, I'm going to come up with a solution
using... yes, you know it...

How fun is my
Seriously, you HAVE to see it in person!
The pictures just don't do it justice.

Hey! How about you stop by my
this Sunday, January 25 from 2:00-4:00!

Come by anytime!
There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything.
And you need NO EXPERIENCE stamping
to experience a fun afternoon of friendship!
As a matter of fact, BRING A FRIEND
and make it even that more fun!
No need to rsvp... just come.

The cover of my "Project Life Planner"
is interchangable... so you can change it
to a new color, new design, family photo... you name it!

You will see some sticky notes in the photo above.
Just look how adorable they are nestled in
their super cute pocket created with the
"Mini Treat Bag Thinlits"
found in the Occasions Catalog!

Are you reading my entry for today?
See... I plan to utilize MY planner as a
Each day I will jot down things that happened
for which I am grateful for and just do not want to forget.

My "Gratitude Journal" will still act as a planner as well.
Notice my entry for next Tuesday
when I fly to Florida to attend Stampin' Up!'s
Leadership Conference.

What is so super duper great about my
"Project Life Planner"
is how well it works with ALL of the
Project Life Kits found in
ANY of the current Stampin' Up! catalogs!!!

Check out the entry above and below
where I've marked ahead in my planner
the day of my birthday.
My hubby and kids always make my birthday
so very very special. I already know I am
going to want to journal my precious
memories for this day.
That is why I have added a journaling box
with a strip of Washi Tape to utilize the front & back.

Make plans NOW to attend my
"Project Life Planner" Class
MONDAY, February 9
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany

Can't make it to the class?
No worries! Just schedule your very own "PLP" Class with me!
You can enjoy a private class OR invite your friends!

Want to order the Class Kit?
That works too! It will be popped right into the USPS for you.

Register, schedule, or order...

Thanks for visiting!
You will have to visit tomorrow for a very special
"on a more personal note."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way...

No... not to the forum. HA!
A funny thing happened on the way to Bible study last night.
(More about that "on a more personal note" below.)
First, let's chat about how ab... SO... lute... ly ADORABLE
this stamp set ("From the Herd") is!!!
The llama gets me... every... single... time!

Would you believe I colored everything in with
Yup! Easy peasy!
I like to go "light to dark" and then
"back to light" again when I use the "Blendies."
The sets I used on this cute card are
Daffodil Delight
Coastal Cabana
Old Olive
and the Neutrals.
The "On Film" Framelits and Big Shot Machine
really set off my focal image.
There's really nothing else to this adorable card.
Super fun! Super cute!


On a more personal note...
I made this card to send to some friends who own a Chick-fil-A store in one of our fave shopping areas. Every time we visit, they treat us to a free meal... "on the cow." HA! It's always unexpected because we keep telling them to stop it. THAT is just the kind of people they are. They are super duper nice... and always thinking of others.

Here's the "funny thing that happened on the way" to Bible study last night... I was running late and so I texted my dept lead, the other gal in my dept, as well as the entire group leader (who was out of town but I wanted to be sure someone got my text.) I was only going to be about four minutes late but the doors get locked at starting time SHARP. Wellllll... the other gal wasn't going to be there and so there was no way she could unlock the door for me. Sigh... here's the rough part for me to handle... my lead never answers my texts. It's very frustrating. I had only one other gal's number in the group and (for some strange reason) did not think to text her. So here I am... standing in the cold (it really wasn't that cold but ya know... the more you're out in it, the colder it gets) trying to hunt down numbers of everyone in our group. I texted six different people! Twenty five minutes later... someone FINALLY came to the door in a frantic effort to let me in. They said all of the texts came at the exact same time, he he he. Funny, right?

But my spirit wasn't laughing. My spirit decided to hold onto the fact that my lead never texted me back when SHE got her text nearly forty minutes before everyone else when I texted her to let her know I was going to be late in the first place. (I found out the next day from someone in our group that she had received my first text.) Just text me back already! AND... don't make me stand out in the cold for so long! -Did I mention my spirit was a bit unsettled by this? :)

Ya want to know the deal of it all?

If I am truly living by the Words of John 3:30, then my spirit should be forgiving of my lead even when she doesn't text me back... ever... always. So I tried to focus on this Scripture until THIS happened the next day...

I recently participated in a Christian retreat (very popular... been around for ages) and made quite dear friends while on the retreat... or so I thought. Every time we group text one another, MY messages get ignored. That is, they're ignored until I say something like, "Are ya'll getting my texts?" Then someone pops up with "oh sure, love ya" or something to that nature. Even when I ask for prayer... nodda... nothing... crickets... until I ask if my texts are getting through. Otherwise, they (the other gals in the group text -there are about six of us) chat away with each other. Sigh!

So I THOUGHT I was focusing on John 3:30 until the little group texty-thingy today and then guess what happened?! Ya, my spirit decided to remember what my Bible study lead did last night by ignoring my text! What the hexagon, spirit?! Stop it already!

I just don't like being ignored, especially by fellow Christians. I used to think this verse meant "He increases. I decrease... but I don't completely disappear, right?!" Well, actually... if we truly understand Isaiah 64:6 which talks about our best behavior (aka reasons to be "noticed") as nothing more than rubbish, then we understand how we should be completely alright with decreasing to the point of disappearing. If it means Jesus Christ and His saving Grace being recognized by others THROUGH us... then we should WANT to disappear altogether.

Well, there ya have it, KellyJean... Truth. I want to live John 3:30 bigger than I ever have before which means I shouldn't just be "alright" with being ignored, I should actually INVITE it... so as long as I know with all my heart Jesus is being seen in me. The easiest way (I have no doubt) for me to implement John 3:30 in my life in a greater way, is to be more like my "Chick-fil-A" friends... caring more about the needs of others than I do of my own.

Do you ever feel "ignored," "excluded," or "invisible?" Check out the story of Hagar and know that our compassionate God SEES YOU and CHERISHES YOU just as He did Hagar when she had been "kicked to the curb." Another great example of how God sees us is the one of Hannah. Notice Hannah's great faith in what she does to tell our amazing God "thank you."

Thanks for visiting, dear friend. I never want to ignore you. Please feel free to email me if you need someone to take notice of just how wonderful you are... how do I know this? Because I know the Wonderful One Who created wonderful YOU. Blessings!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

YOU are a Blessing in My Life!

Who is a blessing in YOUR life?
I seriously want to know :)
Leave a comment and give a little "shout-out" for them.
They most likely won't see your "shout-out" so
those are actually the best boastings we can share.

My little shout-out goes to my amazing niece.
I know she won't ever read this post but just in case...
I'm not mentioning her name because
I honestly don't think she would want me to.
To be quite honest with you
(oh wait... insert "*** on a more personal note..." wink),
I don't think she likes me much.
She is my husband's niece but I don't see "sides"
when it comes to family & claiming loved ones.
I come from a broken home myself and know exactly
how it feels to be introduced "with distinction"
(aka "this is my STEP grand daughter," etc.).
Who invented the word "step" when
it comes to newly created families anyway?!
What a dumb concept... "step!"
A STEP is something UNDER OUR FEET...
NOT a family member!
Oh wait... back to my niece, he he he.

I honestly don't know why I feel she doesn't like me
other than any time we are around each other
she avoids conversation with me while making sure
she speaks to each and every other person in the room.
She use to spend time with all of her cousins
except my daughter which use to really bother me.
But as she has become an adult,
she tends to speak more to my daughter
which really fills my daughter with appreciation
since she thinks so highly of her cousin(s).

I think my niece is SO the bomb!
She's smart... SO smart.
She is compassionate...
I see it growing in her more and more.
She is GORGEOUS (inside and out!).
And... she is a missionary.
I've told her exactly how I feel about her.
Still... there's that crazy distance between us.
I hate the distance. But... I love my niece.
So that is who I am choosing
to give my little "shout out" to today.

Who is a blessing in your life?
Did you ever think to consider
those who don't always feel like a "blessing?"
Someone once told me we must look for
the blessing in the "sand paper people" of our lives.
They are the ones who God chooses
to refine us... and oh, do I need His refinery!

You will find an interesting article HERE about
the story of Paul and Barnabas in the Bible.
They didn't always get along either...
but they stayed on mission...
and LOVE remained.

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope your day is filled with those
you can call "blessings."


Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's be BIG SHOTS!

Join the fun at the first
BIG SHOT CLASS of 2015...
Sunday, 8

Monthly Big Shot Classes are always the
second Sunday of each month
(unless otherwise noted due to inclement weather,
family illness, or family vacation.)

Create THREE gift items at each
for a regular class fee of $15.
(All supplies are included in the class fee but
it is highly recommended you bring your own
adhesives, scissors, and trimmer.)

Membership is NOT required to attend.
Although being a Big Shot Class member has its benefits.
BSC members receive
as well as an exclusive invitation to our
in November!

Registration is required.
Members need not register...
another benefit to membership is
having a Class Kit ready for you even when
you are unable to attend any given

Register TODAY and save your spot...

Class Kits are available by mail.

Can't make it to the
but still want to make these items?
Just pick a date and we can stamp it up
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany
...just me and you OR have a friend or two.


On a more personal note...
I'm always so amazed at how people longingly tell me things such as "You're so talented... I could never do what you do." I try not to be rash with these comments but to be quite honest, it gets on my nerves. Sometimes I think people are trying to "pat me on the head..." ya know, "cute little girl and her 'CRAFTS'" and other times I think they might be trying to "pat me on the back..." but at THEIR expense (by basically putting themselves down.) I'm not sure which it is for most people but I can't stand being "patronized" (definition:  verb... treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.) and I really don't like it when people compare me to themselves in a negative way.

I know I shouldn't let these things get to me... and I work on them not getting to me... every... single... day. I really do beat myself up because hearing things such as this "urk" me so badly... and I don't want to be "urked" with or by anyone. AND I am sure I am victim to trying to compliment people from time to time and do so in a weird or annoying or inappropriate way. Trust me, God is definitely working on this girl right here (hand waving high in the sky!)

I wish I could shout to the world these TRUTHS...

1. YES, YOU CAN!!! Seriously, yes you can. Can what? ANYTHING! Absolutely anything! Listen, we're not all cut out to be "anything we want to be" but we CAN at least TRY and discover for sure exactly what we are and are not capable of. I'd love to be a doctor... but I "can't" because I don't have the adequate education. Do I want to be a doctor badly enough to GET the adequate education? No, not really. Therefore, I'm not going to say to a doctor (or my amazing nurse practitioner because she is just as awesome as my doctors), "Oh I wish I could do what you do..." because I really DON'T want to do what she does. Truth.

2. PAY A REAL COMPLIMENT ALREADY! Putting someone down by saying things like, "You're so cute, it makes me sick..." is NOT a compliment. Who wants to make someone sick?! Good grief! If you really think someone is cute, just say they are cute -good grief- and leave it at that. And DON'T cut yourself down at the expense of paying a compliment. No one is looking to you to be a martyr at the time when you're actually trying to build someone else up. Stop saying, "I could never do that..." (already stated above but worth mentioning again) when all you have to say is, "I really admire you" or "You're very good at what you do" etc.

3. TRY IT BEFORE YOU KNOCK IT! If you really "wish you could do something," then DO IT! If you want to cook like a chef... TAKE A COOKING CLASS. If you want to play a musical instrument... SIGN UP FOR LESSONS. (Again, already stated but worthy saying again but with a little twist.) If you don't really want to do it, don't say you CAN'T. Instead of causing good feelings for the person you're trying to compliment, you're only causing them to feel BAD for you.

I want to be better at paying attention to the good qualities in others. I know for me to be successful at this, I have to step outside myself more often... oooh, there lies the key, I believe. I need to focus less on myself and more on others, especially when I want to pay them a true compliment. I want to be honest with my words. I truly enjoy when others feel good about themselves. Like I said, God has His work cut out on me... but nothing is too great for my great God!

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." Philippians 2:3-4

Thanks for visiting! If you read all of that... whew! Thanks for letting me be a bit winded (while I step down from my little soap box, he he he.) I hope you have a creative day!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

at the next MAKE IT MONDAY Class
March 2
7:00-8:30pm at Coffee Crossing

These calendars are so super duper handy!
Whether you're great about sending birthday cards or
(like me) tend to forget or simply get too busy,
these calendars can remind us to think of
as well as pray for those we know and love.

A class fee of $15 includes everything you need for this class
(although you may want to bring your own adhesives.)

Registration is required...


On a more personal note...
Isn't it funny how we perceive some people of "having it all together" when we know (I mean c'mon... let's give people a break already)... we KNOW they don't have it all together. However, we can admire these "all together people" for the good things they bring to the table of life. For example, my sister-in-law ALWAYS remembers EVERYONE'S birthday by sending them a birthday card in the mail. She is extremely smart and VERY well into physical fitness. I truly admire her. But what I think I love most about her is how she always offers one or two of her shortcomings with a humble heart from time to time. I recently attended a retreat where she sent me a letter of encouragement and in that TYPED letter, she admitted her inability to "write" so she apologized for the cold nature of a typed letter. Pfft! Pa-lease! I had to laugh... but I also loved her willingness to be so open. (I still think she's pretty amazing.)

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sheltering Tree and a Clothesline Devotional...

Yesterday evening was my turn to offer a Devotional
in my CBS (Community Bible Study) Leadership group.

Today's card(s) were inspired by my Devotional.

The "Sheltering Tree" stamp set
is SO precious and SO easy to use!
I have a feeling you will be seeing lots of samples
 made with this great set!

The above is the "inside" of both cards in this post.
I hand-doodled the little T-shirt shown above.
And to simplify the making of a great card,
I simply punched a large heart for the card below.
Add some card stock grass made with the
Fringe Scissors and voila! What a fun and easy card!

On a more personal note...
If you should like to hear (read) the devotional
offered last night, I'm happy to share.
I only ask that you keep in mind that my words are
only as good as me, myself, and I
I am simply a messenger, trying to obey...
I don't claim to have a clue, wink.

I'm sharing my clothesline devotional with you today. We've all heard the phrase "airing one's dirty laundry" but I'm going to ask you to put that phrase completely out of your mind. "Airing one's dirty laundry" refers to gossiping in public or public displays of strife and negative outbursts. My devotional today is something completely different. My clothesline devotional serves the purpose of an analogy.

I've tried to make this particular clothesline look as cute as possible. When we see a clothesline or think of a clothesline, clean laundry accompanies the thought. Many people judge a person by the appearance of their clothesline. Is it too "well put together?" Is the clothesline itself built out of nice, sturdy materials? How often is it adorned with clean laundry... or no laundry at all?

Some people try to make an impressive statement by what they hang on the clothesline. They might hang only the best and most expensive items, (new cars, big house, fancy family vacations) trying to fit in with a particular crowd. Or they might hang what "seems" to be the best or most expensive items, trying to either fit in or simply impress others or simply trying to feel better about themselves or their position in life.

People don't hang their dirty laundry on the clothesline. Then again, some people might hang a few "not so clean" items on their clothesline, trying to cry out for help. Or maybe they simply are in the habit of hosting their own pity parties so that every garment has some kind of woe on it.

1 Peter 5:7 tells us to "cast our anxieties onto the Lord because He cares for us." When we use the clothesline for anything other than its sole purpose, we are hanging out anxieties on other dependencies than our Heavenly Father. When we judge others according to what seems to be on their clothesline, we are expecting others to look to US instead of depending on the Father.

The clothesline is for clean clothes. Our source for washing those clothes is... in the house. We treat the stains and scrub the spots... in the house. Acts 17:24 says, "The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands." Because of Christ and the Holy Spirit, God lives in our hearts.

My heart is His home... and it's where my laundry (loneliness, a broken marriage, a prodigal child, an overbearing boss - whatever it is that might soil your laundry in life)... my heart is where I am to take my dirty laundry. If we are to "cast our anxieties on the Lord" and if "our heart is His home," we are to do our laundry WITH the Lord IN OUR HEARTS. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

This doesn't mean that we are to never confide in a friend or speak to clergy about our anxiety. Many people don't have a washer and dryer. Therefore they have to take laundry to a laundromat. A dear friend in Christ (as well as the Church) is like an affordable and trustworthy laundromat. (That can be found at James 5:16, wink.)

Obviously by now you hopefully understand our washer and dryer would be the analogy for God's infallible Word. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

How well is your clothesline equipped for service? Are your garments hung to impress others? Is your clothesline empty for fear of what others think of you?  Do you pay more attention to your own clothesline than you do someone who might be in need of a reliable laundromat? Or is your clothesline adorned with items that have you not only prepared but excited to wave high in the wind His banner of love?

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (This is the purpose of our clothesline! Can you just picture each garment as a fruit of the Spirit?! Oh joy!) Against such is no law." Galatians 5:22-23

Do you get it? 

-Everyone has a "clothesline..." that is... a life.

Everyone has "dirty laundry..." which is our sin.

The washing (or ridding of our sin) must be done ON THE INSIDE (true confession must come from the heart, Romans 10:9) just like actual laundry is washed in the home or laundromat. (PS... I -totally speaking to myself here- want to be -I need to be- a better laundromat for others!)

Once we have accepted Christ's invitation to have Him wash (recognizing His death in the cross for our sins) to wash our laundry (our lives), we then gladly return to the washer with our dirty laundry. And while we wait for our clean laundry, we rest... and we learn... SO THAT...

we will be equipped to possibly be a laundromat for others in need of having their laundry (their lives and the sin in it) cleaned. THAT is where we introduce them to our ultimate WASHER (our Savior, Jesus Christ.)

When we hang out clean laundry (the beatitudes represented in our new lives) on the clothesline of life, we shine Christ's light for all to see. May our clotheslines (our lives) be pleasing to You, O Lord.

"May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."

And may his banner of love over us wave gladly in the wind as our clean laundry would on our clotheslines of life.

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope my Devotional inspires you to spend some time with your Creator... aka your "Power Washer!" :)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Creative Blog Hop and Make It Monday Classes

My dear friend, Kim Bolzenthal,
invited me to post for the
CREATIVE BLOG HOP this week... how fun!

On Monday, February 2
we will be stampin' up these adorable gifts
at the MAKE IT MONDAY Class
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany.

Email for details or to register...


On a more personal note...
I am to answer some questions for the
so here we go...

1. What are you working on?

1. I'm working on transforming my studio from the "quick we're having a New Year's Eve party" store-all-junk-in-here closet BACK into my beloved studio where I could literally live if it only had a bed.

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

2. My work differs in that I am not an artsy-fartsy designer. Oh, I can be artsy (and fartsy but only when trying to impress my teenage son. HA!) For the most part, I design samples that are extremely "DO-able." I want anyone and everyone to look at my offerings and know without a doubt they can remake it and with as very few (if any) instructions as possible. This way the not-so-avid stamper can feel good about their accomplishments and the stampin' freaks can freak out by taking my samples to the next artsy-fartsy level.

On another note of what makes me different is how I enjoy "stamping (or thinking... it's really the same thing, isn't it?!) outside the box." I love the challenge of coming up with unique folds. And I LOVE using Big Shot tools for every way possible OTHER THAN the way they are actually intended. For example, if a BSM die is intended to make a box then I am going to show you how to use that same die to create a mini album. You get the idea?

3. Why do you create what you do?

3. I create because I believe God, the Father has asked me to be an encourager. Rubber stamping allows me to encourage others to know His Son, Jesus Christ by sharing the example of His love through the gift of giving. Being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator allows me to encourage others through the opportunity of teaching and sharing what I know of the paper arts industry. I create what I create because I feel called... and because I can.

4. How does your creative process work?

4. My... brain... never... shuts... down! Honestly! I feel like I am on the verge of a new idea nearly every single day. So my creative process is actually one of simply harnessing the ideas. I realize not everyone feels this way or thinks this way. THAT is why I share. Why beat your brain for ideas when I have plenty dancing around my mine for all of us?!

Having said that, I truly believe many people can be very creative with their thinking process by exposing themselves regularly to well designed, well thought through artistic offerings. Look at creative magazines, fun blogs, SU! catalogs. Do these sorts of things on a regular basis. Along with that, practice makes perfect. Try something new. Attend classes. Find a reason to create!

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